Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Welcome to my world! Here I will discuss all the products I receive for review and testing purposes. I will also post all of the products I am currently reviewing so you can see if it's something you may be interested in purchasing for your family. I have a particular interest in reviewing health and beauty products, as well as household, food and baby products that are all-natural, organic and/or green! After all, I'm really just trying to find out what works for my family and what doesn't in the most health conscious and affordable way possible! I may also discuss my general life experiences from time to time in order to give my visitors a better understanding of where I am coming from and how I got started with product reviews. Make sure you follow me on Facebook and YouTube as Melissa Compton, Twitter at MelissaCGMomma and on Instagram and Pinterest at MCSweetie84 so you can see all my most recent projects and updates! Welcome!!

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